White Round Jig Shoe Laces

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■ Fabric Features These jig shoe laces are made with an intricate, finely woven design that shows off lovely texture and dimension that can be seen up close.
■ These shoe laces come in a vibrant white color. White is a neutral shade that can be paired with a wide variety of colors and also styles!
■ These laces measure 77 centimeters, or approximately 30.3 inches, in length. This size provides generous length for secure shoe tying, which is a must for jig shoes when you’re dancing!
■ Sold in pairs, these laces are great for dancers who need to replace worn, broken, or missing laces. If only one lace is needed, the other can be saved as a spare for any last-minute replacements!
■ Made by Antonio Pacelli

These fabulous jig shoe laces are made by Antonio Pacelli, a quality brand that has been making Irish dance shoes and accessories for over forty years and is based in England.

When it comes to Irish dancing, a dancer’s jig shoes are one of the most important parts of both practice and performances. But what’s just as important as the dancing shoes but may not be focused on as much are the shoelaces. Your shoelaces are what anchor your shoes to your feet, keeping them steady and secure as you dance your heart out on stage. Make sure your jig shoes stay fastened to your feet during long rehearsal and performance days by finishing them off with these Jig Shoe Laces in White! These laces are created with an elaborate, delicately woven pattern that features vivid texture and dimension when viewed up close. This fabric also comes in a pristine white color that is versatile enough to complement jig shoes of any color, along with dazzling dance outfits and accessories of all styles and shades! Measuring 77 centimeters, which is approximately 30.3 inches, in length, these laces offer ample length to securely tie your shoes, which is important when you’re vigorously dancing during your performances! These bright white shoe laces are also sold in pairs, so they are perfect for replacing frayed, broken, or missing shoe laces. Keep your dancing feet happy with these top-quality, white jig shoe laces!