White Round Pump / Reel Laces

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■ These pump laces are made with an intricate, finely woven design that features lovely texture and dimension that can be seen up close.
■ These pump laces come in a bright white color. White is a neutral shade that can be paired with a wide range of colors and styles!
■ These laces measure 176 centimeters, or approximately 69.3 inches, in length. This size provides generous length for secure pump lacing, which is a must when you’re dancing!
■ Sold in pairs, these laces are great for dancers who need to replace worn out, broken, or missing laces. If only one lace is needed, then the other can be saved as a backup for last-minute replacements!
■ Made by Antonio Pacelli

These white round pump laces are made by Antonio Pacelli, a great brand that has been making Irish dance shoes and accessories for over forty years and is based in England.

Known by many names, such as Irish dance soft shoes, reel shoes, Irish dance ghillies, and Irish dancing light shoes, Irish dance pumps are an indelible part of traditional Irish dancing. Irish dance pumps are especially great because they are designed with a streamlined shape and prominent arch that naturally elongates the feet and legs, making even dance novices look like graceful professionals. Though Irish dance pumps can make any dancer look fabulous, what’s even more important are functional components like pump laces, which are what fix the pumps to your feet, keeping them stable and secure as you perform. Make sure your pumps stay fastened to your feet during grueling rehearsal and performance days by lacing them up with these Round Pump Laces in White! These laces are created with an intricate woven pattern with vivid texture and dimension. These laces come in a fresh white color that is versatile enough to match outfits of any color. Measuring 176 centimeters, which is approximately 69.3 inches, in length, these laces offer generous length to lace your pumps, which is important when you’re passionately dancing on stage! These bright white pump laces are sold in pairs, so they are perfect for replacing worn, broken, or missing laces. Keep your dancing feet secure with these top-quality, round pump laces!