Irish Navy Shamrock Baseball Cap

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■ The word ‘Ireland’ in white embroidery shines on the front of our baseball cap with its green outlined letters.
■ An embroidered green shamrock outlined in white thread is placed on top of an embroidered white ribbon.
■ The words limited edition are embroidered in white thread and frame either side of the shamrock.
■ Our cap is easily worn by just about anyone thanks to the adjustable strap on the back of our cap.
■ Protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun with our curved bull that has white piping detail.

Our Irish Navy Shamrock Baseball Cap is a classic and sporty way to wear your love for Ireland! There’s a reason baseball caps are one of the number one go to hats for most people. They always look good, they have built in sun protection, and they come in a variety of styles that work for everyone.

The shape of our Ireland baseball cap is created by four panels that are stitched together. The front panel of our baseball cap is one solid panel where the majority of the design elements of our cap are found. One of the first things that you see is the word ‘Ireland’ in capital letters. The word is fully embroidered in white thread and seems to jump off the front of the cap. There is a green thread widely stitched around each white letter making the word stand out even more.

Below the slightly curving word is the words limited edition embroidered in white thread. The two words frame a large green shamrock. Shamrocks are the national symbol of Ireland and represent luck and fortune, it wouldn’t be an Irish hat without the inclusion of a shamrock. The shamrock itself is outlined in white thread in the reverse of the word ‘Ireland’ above it. It also rests on top of a white embroidered ribbon.

On the back of our Ireland limited edition baseball cap, an adjustable strap has been included. You can easily tighten and loosen our baseball cap to reach your perfect baseball cap size. The bill of our baseball cap is nicely curved and works wonderfully to shade your eyes from the sun. Along the rim of the bill of our baseball cap is trim of white piping. Our limited edition baseball cap both works for everyone, guy or girl, and has a fun design that appeals to anyone with a love for Ireland.