Irish Dancer Dress Baby Vest White&Green

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■ The White & Green Irish Dancer Dress Baby Vest exudes versatility. It can be worn as a dress or a long blouse paired with tights when the weather is cold.
■ Our Irish dancer dress for little girls is available in different sizes. The smallest is for 0-6 months, while the biggest is for 1-2 years old.
■ The Celtic design is among the most popular symbolism of Ireland. Thus, wearing it is one of the best ways to showcase patriotism.
■ With our Green Irish Dancer Dress Baby Vest, customers are assured of durability since it is made of premium materials.
■ This product from Keily’s is a perfect gift for little girls. Its colorway is fun and whimsical, which are the natural attributes of young children.

Imagine your little one donning the beauty of a traditional Irish dancer while dancing around clad in a wonderful dress. However, your family’s princess is still so little to finally go on stage and perform. That is not the reason, though, to be sad.

With the Green Irish Dancer Dress Baby Vest from Keily’s, you can already make your dream come true now. At least, when it comes to the famous costume. The dress features the famous Celtic design: a huge one on top and three small ones on the pleated skirt. The patterns are in bright yellow, making a beautiful contrast with the green color of the entire dress. It also features a crew neckline and has long pullover sleeves.

This adorable apparel is made of 100% cotton for your little darling’s maximum comfort. The material is breathable and absorbent. This is to make sure that the precious little girl will not get cranky when the weather is too hot.

In the meantime, observe the Celtic knots on it. If you look closely, you can figure out that only a single thread is used to create such a pattern. There is no beginning and end. Thus, the knots represent eternity, whether in love, faith, friendship or loyalty. When you give it to any little girl you love, you are showing your eternal love for her.

It is likewise worth noting that letting her wear it means that she is showcasing the long tradition of Irish dance. You let her become a medium to spread this Irish pride, which is dated back in the 17th century.

Getting it from Keily’s means that you are also giving utmost importance to this special little girl. You want that she is going to receive it in a dainty package. Yes, she is still so young to appreciate it. Nevertheless, it can make you feel great if the dress is well packaged, right?