Irish Sheep Baby Booties Slippers

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■ rish baby booties crafted with a 100% polyester exterior and breathable cotton interior
■ Black Irish sheep design, a wooly animal celebrated for its role in Ireland’s knitting industry
■ Ribbed ankles ensure your little one’s feet will stay warm and comfy all day long
■ PU rubber on the soles so children can play and move without worries of slipping


If you want your kids to experience the utmost level of comfort for their tiny feet, choose our Sheep Baby Booties Slippers! These booties are crafted with an 100% polyester exterior, a material that is resilient and easy to clean, perfect for energetic kiddos. The 100% cotton interior offers a breathable, soft feel against your baby’s skin, making the slippers ideal for wearing with or without socks on. Additionally, the PU rubber on the soles guarantees a slip-free experience and allows your children to move, dance, run, and play without worries of falls and injuries. With a slip-one design, ribbed ankles and a plush appearance, these cozy Irish baby booties provide the perfect amount of warmth for your little one’s feet. Featuring black sheep, our booties are a nod to the knitting industry of Ireland. Did you know sheep are celebrated by locals and tourists alike for their wool? Irish islanders have been weaving yarns into sweaters and blankets for decades now. These booties are available in sizes 0-16 months, 12-16 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 months. Pair these comfortable slip-on booties with a Merino wool blanket and wrap your little one in comfort, warmth, and tradition!