Highland Cow Scottish Baby Booties Slippers

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■ Scottish baby booties made with a 100% Polyester exterior and comfy cotton interior lining
■ Stuffed Highland cow head, a Scottish animal beloved for its friendly nature and cute look
■ Elastic top provides a secure fit while the rubber nubs on the sole prevent falls and slips
■ Designed in Scotland, these slippers are available in sizes from 0-6 to 18-24 months


Is there a better way to keep your little one’s feet comfy and warm all day long than with our Highland Cow Scottish Baby Booties Slippers? These booties are made with a 100% Polyester exterior, a material that is flexible, durable, and extremely easy to clean, great for parents with active kiddos. The interior cotton lining provides a breathable feel against the skin, ensuring your baby’s feet stay at the perfect temperature, without overheating. With elastic tops, the slip on booties will remain around your kids ankles without falling down. Additionally, the rubber nubs on the soles prevents slips, great for playing, dancing, or even running around the house. Are wondering how these booties can get even better? The answer is: the Scottish design. The stuffed Highland cow heads on each boot allude to the scenery of Scotland. This species can only be found in the rugged fields of the Highlands. Did you know kids love Highland cows for their friendly nature? These booties are available in sizes 0-16 months, 12-16 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 months, great to pair with a Merino wool sweater or knitted overall for the colder months!