Women Celtic Trinity Knot Pashmina Scarf - Teal

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■ Material: This scarf is finely made of 100% Viscose, a soft material, smooth to the touch, and incredibly durable.

■ Trinity Knot: Our scarf boasts a beautiful Trinity Knot design, a Celtic symbol of infinite love.

■ Decorative Fringe: Perfect for every occasion, the fringe adds a plus of length to the scarf and makes it extra fashionable.

■ Size: The scarf is measured 28 inches wide by 70 inches long, the perfect dimensions for every look.


Take a piece of Celtic culture with you anywhere with our Trinity Knot Scarf, the perfect accessory for any lover of this rich culture. Our piece features a Trinity Knot design, which symbolizes the infinite love and faith Celts had. The symbol also represents the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity.

The knots are displayed beautifully in a shade of blue that is wonderfully contrasted with the cream background. The decorative fringes add a nice touch to both ends of the scarf, providing extra length and a fashionable look. Made out of Viscose, you can be sure our scarf feels soft and smooth to the touch.

The scarf measures approximately 28 inches wide and 70 inches long, so you can comfortably wear it around your neck, draped as a shawl on a chilly evening, or in any other way of your choice.