Ireland Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

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■ Our Republic of Ireland sweatshirt has a crew neck and long sleeves that are banded at the bottom cinching the sleeves in.
■ Colored in a shade of bottle green similar to earthy moss, pair it with a pair of jeans or shorts.
■ Vintage yellow lettering on the dark green background gives this sweatshirt a vintage look.
■ Printed with an Est. 1922 and Ireland logo with a badge in the center of the logo with a shamrock in the center.
■ Inspired by the Celtic Nation our Republic of Ireland sweatshirt is the perfect casual sweatshirt for any Ireland lover.
■ Model Wears Size Medium and is 6ft 1

Our crew neck Republic of Ireland sweatshirt will keep you warm and cozy during the cooler months. It also makes a great summer nights sweatshirt. Colored the shade of bottle green, this mossy colored sweatshirt has an old school printed look and feel to it. Proudly printed at the top of our sweatshirt in bold capital letters is the word Ireland. Directly beneath the word Ireland two Celtic knots frame a circular badge. Inside of this badge are the words Celtic Nation Official Merchandise, Est. 1922 with a single shamrock in the center.

Outside of this badge repeated in larger print is Est. 1922 with a banner underneath stating “Where the Craic is Mighty”, and below that the word lucky edition. The word craic is something that can be very confusing to non-natives of Ireland. The term began as a Middle English phrase that meant “to brag or loud conversation”. Around the 1960s the term was adopted into the Irish language. In simple terms, the word was mainly used to refer to news or gossip and is now used in reference to fun as well. Today the word is a huge part of Irish culture.

And just like the word craic has become a huge part of Irish culture so has the shamrock and the color green. An emblem of the Irish people the shamrock is a national icon just as the rose is for England and the thistle for Scotland. The color green has become the staple color of Ireland thanks to the shamrock and its vibrant green rolling hill. Anyone who takes pride in Ireland will instantly fall in love with our Republic of Ireland sweatshirt. Whether you’re a man or a woman our sweatshirt will still look great on you thanks to its unisex look. Achieve a comfortably casual look with a vintage feel.