Green Embroidered Knit Hat

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■ Our knit hat is a close fitting skull cap style that molds to the shape of your head.
■ The fact that our knit hat is made from 100% acrylic means that you can easily machine wash our hat.
■ A gold and white stripe encircles the bottom section of our knit hat and provides some contrast to the green.
■ An elegantly embroidered crest on our hat has the word Ireland and three bright green shamrocks.
■ Two embroidered gold sprigs of leaves frame the right and the left side of the Ireland crest.

Our Green Embroidered Knit Hat is a modern and sporty beanie that will keep you warm during the colder months. From Irish maker Traditional Crafts, the deep green of the soft knit hat is accented by a striking shamrock patch and band of white.

Our Ireland crest knit hat is the perfect way to show your Irish pride in the cool weather. Both guys and girls will love our Irish knit beanie and the love for Ireland the creators of our hat have. It’s the hat that you can wear just about anywhere and anytime. With its bold emerald green color and classic shape, our knit beanie takes simple designs and makes them shine.

The green of our hat is very pleasant to look at and has the benefit of being easily paired with different style jackets and coats. It’s also a great throw on and go hat that is compact enough to fit easily into the pocket of a hoodie or your bag when not wearing it. Our knit hat is just large enough to fit over your head and your ears. It has just the right amount of fabric to give you protection from the cold.

The skull cap style our Ireland crest knit hat is made after is a very popular style. Unlike larger beanies, it has sleek lines that are meant to shape to your head, and it fits wonderfully under hoods. Our knit hat also has tight rows of stitches that retain your body heat while still allowing the material of our hat to breathe. To complement the green of our knit hat a white band was knit into the bottom half of our knit hat.

Bordering both the top and bottom of the white band is gold yarn knit into the hat. In the center of that band of color is an embroidered patch in the shape of an Irish Crest that is framed by sprigs of gold leaves. At the top of the crest, the word ‘Ireland’ is embroidered in white thread and placed on top of light gold thread. Three green shamrocks are directly below the word ‘Ireland’ and are on top of a white background. Our Ireland crest knit hat is a wonderful way to show your love for Ireland and keep warm.