Green Leprechaun Hat

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■ Our leprechaun hat is made from a lightweight soft fabric that comes in a vivid shade of green.
■ You can spot an embroidered green shamrock patch with a smiling face on the left side of our leprechaun top hat.
■ A black strip of soft fabric that wraps around the base of our hat elevates the style of our hat.
■ An orange fabric buckle centered on the strip of black fabric ties together the overall look of our novelty hat.
■ The Lansdowne logo is embroidered in white thread on the right side of the black strap.

Our green leprechaun hat is a fun novelty hat from our large collection of Irish caps and hats that stands out in the crowd and is sure to liven up any party. This style of hat is the kind of hat that brings fun for years to come and never goes out of style. Any proud Irish man or lady with a sense of humor can see the appeal of our green leprechaun hat. Our novelty hat is made from a soft fabric that is highly flexible and comfortable to wear. It is made from a lightweight fabric that doesn’t weigh you down, so you can wear it all night.

The first thing that stands out about our leprechaun hat is its bright green color. It is a rich shade of shamrock green, an attractive and vibrant color that is most associated with Ireland. Whenever you or anyone else sees our hat you will instantly be reminded of the rolling green hills of Ireland and their majestic beauty. The velvet-like fabric of our leprechaun hat further enriches the green color of our hat and makes it soft to the touch.

The next thing that stands out about our green leprechaun hat is the height of our hat. Fashioned in the style of a classic top hat with a full brim and all our leprechaun hat measures at 11” in height from base to top. With this much height, your friends will always be able to spot you at the pub no matter where you are. In all of the green happening in our shamrock hat, a smiling green shamrock patch stands out.

The shamrock on our leprechaun hat almost seems animated with its cartoon features. Two eyebrows curve above a set of eyes that are looking down, while bright red thread shapes a smile and dimples. The leaves of the shamrock are nice and full in a soft shade of green. Dark green thread outlines and embroiders the pleasant shape of the shamrock on the front of our hat. At the base of our hat, a strip of black fabric encircles our hat, breaking up the green and giving our hat an extra little detail.

A large orange square of fabric stitched down to the front of the black fabric shapes a buckle and sits at the center of our leprechaun hat. On the left side of the black fabric, the Lansdowne logo is embroidered in white thread. Lansdowne is an Irish company that keeps it's country’s history alive through the items that they create. And a soft fabric leprechaun hat speaks to the fun and whimsical side of Ireland.

When we think of Ireland leprechauns are one of the many treasures of Ireland that come to mind. We tend to picture tiny men in green suits, black leather shoes with bright gold buckles, and a green top hat. It’s hard to picture a modern-day leprechaun without their statement-making top hat. The Lansdowne company has taken that top hat and brought it to life for anyone who has an Irish spirit. In everything they make Lansdowne uses quality materials that any Irishman would be proud to wear. So now you can have your very own leprechaun hat that works well for holidays and parties.