Celtic Peacock 1 000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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■ 1000-piece Celtic jigsaw puzzle made of high-quality materials, stored in a sturdy box for secure storage

■ Celtic peacock and intricate Celtic knots, symbolize foresight and the interconnectedness of life

■ Once completed, the puzzle has an impressive 27.55" in width and 19.68" in height, for the home display

■ A gift for puzzle enthusiasts, promising hours of entertainment and a beautiful finished product to admire


Seeking a captivating challenge steeped in Celtic charm? Look no further than this Celtic Peacock 1 000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle! This puzzle features a vibrant illustration of a majestic peacock, adorned with intricate Celtic knots. The proud peacock symbolizes foresight, a reminder to look to the future with wisdom. Meanwhile, the interwoven Celtic knots represent the interconnectedness of life, a beautiful reflection of the Celtic worldview. Made of high-quality materials and stored in a sturdy box, this puzzle promises hours of entertainment for puzzlers of all ages. Once completed, the impressive masterpiece transforms into a stunning display piece, measuring a remarkable 27.55" x 19.68". Imagine it gracing your wall, a testament to your patience and a conversation starter filled with Celtic charm. A perfect gift for puzzle enthusiasts and Celtic culture lovers, this rewarding challenge offers a beautiful finished product to admire.