Celtic Cross Tea Set

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■ This set includes Irish breakfast tea, a tea bag holder, and a mug

■ The mug and tea bag holder are made of high-quality bone china, while the tea is stored in a reusable tin

■ This set features a stunning Celtic Cross design, Irish blessings, and Celtic knots and swirls

■ The set has 50 tea bags, the mug has a generous capacity of 14 fl oz, and the tea bag holder is 5.9 inches in diameter


Immerse yourself in the enchanting tea world of Ireland with the Tea Set, a stunning collection of items that celebrate the rich heritage of the Emerald Isle. This exquisite set comes complete with a 14 fl oz tea mug, a teabag holder, and a reusable tea tin filled with 50 Irish Breakfast Tea Bags, all adorned with captivating symbols and designs. The teabag holder and the mug are made of fine bone china, renowned for its refined beauty, durability, and lightweight composition. The tea is stored in a metallic tin, ensuring its freshness and preserving its flavor for a delightful mug every time. Each item in the set showcases the distinctive Irish Weave Pattern, an intricate motif that symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things. The tea mug proudly displays the famous Celtic Cross, a symbol deeply rooted in Irish history and spirituality. The teabag holder features the beloved Irish Blessing "May The Road Rise To Meet You," a heartfelt message that encapsulates the warmth and hospitality for which the Irish people are renowned. It serves as a gentle reminder to appreciate life's journey and the encounters along the way. Presented in a beautiful gift box, adorned with the four iconic Irish emblems - the Celtic Cross, Claddagh, Shamrock, and Irish Harp, this set is a perfect gift for anyone with a love for Ireland and its rich traditions.