Ireland Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea

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■ Loose leaf tea blend, stored in a reusable metal container, with a net weight of 40 g and a gross weight of 95 g
■ Tea leaves from Assam and Darjeeling in India, with a flavor that perfectly complements the traditional Irish fried breakfast food and can be served with milk and sugar to taste
■ Exquisite design that encapsulates various elements of Irish heritage, through a colorful illustration, creating the right recipe for the perfect gift from Ireland


Paying homage to the love of Irish people for strong and flavorful teas, our Ireland Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea is a great addition to your tea set! This product has a net weight of 40 g and a gross weight of 95 g of loose leaf tea, stored in a durable and reusable metal container that guarantees to keep smell and flavor fresh over time, so you can get to enjoy it even after years! Not only is the container high quality, but the tea leaves are picked with care and transformed into a flavourful blend, with a signature taste that goes perfectly with the traditional, fried Irish breakfast food. An invigorating blend of high-grown teas from Assam and Darjeeling in India needs to be infused in hot water for approximately 3 or 4 minutes. After that, it can be served with milk and sugar to taste. Another charming characteristic of this product is the beautiful design, which makes it the perfect gift from Ireland. Decorated with delicate elements of Irish heritage, such as the lucky shamrocks of the Celtic Knot that symbolizes the Holy Trinity, the illustration portrays tradition and culture in an authentic manner. Get into the Irish spirit and make a gift to yourself or a dear one, which will provide joy for a long time!