Tin Of Irish Clove Drops

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■ Sweets tin with 5.29 ounces of individually wrapped traditional, tasty Irish clove drops
■ Old-fashioned reusable metal tin easy to store in bags, drawers, or even your car
■ Vintage tin design, with red and green hues that allude to Ireland’s vibrant flora
■ Made in Ireland, from the “Connemara kitchen”, a great to satisfy your sweet tooth


Looking for an authentic Irish candy to add a bit of sweetness to your everyday life? Check out our Tin Of Clove Drops! These traditional red and white striped Irish clove drops have a rich flavor that will enchant your senses. Irish hard-boiled sweets, these drops can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The tin comes with 5.29 ounces of individually wrapped drops, ensuring you can share them with friends or display on your countertops and tables. Additionally, the reusable, compact metal tin will easily fit in your drawers and bags. Even better if it’s an original Harris tweed bag! With a vintage design, this Irish tin alludes to the times when mints and drops were a fan favorite choice. The red and green hues displayed on the tin are inspired by Ireland’s vibrant meadows and flowers, serving as a reminder of the wonderful land each time you enjoy our flavorful sweets. Straight from the “Connemara kitchen” these old-fashioned drops make a great gift, guaranteeing to bring you the taste of the Emerald Isle!