Shamrock Spiral Teapot

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■ Irish teapot crafted from sturdy and scratch-resistant new bone china

■ Designed with the traditional Irish Shamrock, symbolizing the Holy Trinity

■ Measures 4.9” in height, 7.8” in width, and has a 21.7 fl oz capacity

■ This piece makes a lovely gift for any lover of tea and Ireland


Host any tea party with a touch of Irish charm by using our Shamrock Spiral Teapot. This piece is crafted with great attention to detail, from new bone china, a sturdy and scratch-resistant material that will surely last for a long time. The culturally-inspired design features a traditional Irish shamrock which represents the Holy Trinity as well as faith, love, and hope. The three-leaf clover was used by St. Patrick to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to the Irish pagans. This teapot measures 4.9” in height, 7.8” in width, and has a 21.7 fl oz capacity, great for sharing tea with your friends or family. The wide handle makes it great to grab and hold, ensuring anyone can use it with ease. You can gift this piece to anyone wishing to celebrate Irish heritage, or add it to your teaware collection for added cultural essence!