Royal Tara Slainte Irish Mug and Breakfast Tea Set

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■ Set contains: 1 mug and 1 pack of 50 tea bags
■ Mug: 100% bone china, durable and resistant, with a capacity of 325 ml/14 oz
■ Tea: 50 tea bags packed in a metallic tin; high-quality tea leaves blend, taste that complements fried Irish breakfast food
■ Made by Royal Tara, with a beautiful Irish design with “Slainte” (= good health) as its centerpiece


Get into the Irish spirit and enjoy a moment of relaxation with our Royal Tara Slainte Irish Mug and Breakfast Tea Set! The set contains 2 pieces: 1 mug, with a liquid capacity of 325 ml or 14 ounces, and 1 pack of 50 tea bags. Both the items were crafted in Ireland, by Royal Tara, a premium manufacturer of traditional Celtic giftware. The mug is made of 100% premium bone china, guaranteed to be resistant and not chip or break easily and preserve its brand new condition over the years. The teabags are packed in a reusable tin, made of high-quality metal. The net weight of the products is 125g, while the gross weight is 295g. This Irish Breakfast Tea is a full-bodied black tea, which perfectly complements the typical Irish fried breakfast food. It is usually served with milk and sugar or honey. The tea leaves come from various regions of the world, such as Rwanda, India, or Kenya, being rich in taste. This set represents a beautiful gift from Ireland, as it is also provided with a charming design, inspired by the Irish symbolistic. The illustrations portray elements such as the Celtic knots, symbols of the Holy Trinity, in vivid colors. The signature Irish green is beautifully combined with gold, blue, and a splash of red. The centerpiece is the Irish saying “Slainte!”, which translated to “Good health”.