Royal Stewart Tartan Napkins

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■ 20 Scottish napkins set, crafted from 3 layers of hard paper, ensuring durability

■ Embrace the rich heritage of Scotland with the traditional Royal Stewart tartan design

■ The intricately embossed pattern borders elevate the napkins' aesthetic

■ Sized at approximately 6.5" x 6.5", these napkins are suitable for various occasions


Elevate your dining experience with our Glen Appin of Scotland Royal Stewart Tartan Napkins set, which contains 20 meticulously crafted pieces. Each napkin is expertly constructed from 3 layers of sturdy paper, ensuring durability and practicality. Embrace the rich heritage of Scotland as you adorn your table with the traditional Royal Stewart tartan design, a symbol of clan identity, history, and pride. The intricate embossed pattern borders add a touch of sophistication, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of these Scottish napkins. Sized at approximately 6.5 square inches, they are versatile enough for any occasion, whether a casual family meal or a formal gathering. Bring a piece of Scottish tradition to your table and make every dining experience special with our tartan napkins.