Royal Stewart Tartan Paper Table Runner

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■ Crafted from air-laid paper for a luxurious material-like texture, ensuring durability

■ Adorned with the iconic Royal Stewart Tartan, paying homage to Scottish heritage and tradition

■ Sized at 12.7''x157'', ensuring versatility and the ideal fit for any table setting

■ This Scottish runner boasts a festive appearance, elevating the ambiance of various occasions


Our Glen Appin of Scotland Paper Royal Stewart Tartan Table Runner is meticulously crafted from air-laid paper, exuding a luxurious material-like texture, promising both durability and sophistication. This air-laid paper table runner is maintenance-free, meaning it doesn’t require washing, ironing, or dry cleaning. Emblazoned with the iconic Royal Stewart Tartan, each tartan pattern carries deep symbolism, reflecting the lineage of Scottish clans and evoking a sense of pride and tradition.

Measuring a generous 12.7 inches by 157 inches, this Scottish runner offers unparalleled versatility, effortlessly complementing any table setting with its timeless design. Its festive allure adds a touch of warmth and elegance, making it the centerpiece for a variety of occasions. Whether adorning your table for a cozy family dinner or setting the stage for a grand celebration, this table runner serves as a beacon of Scottish culture, elevating the ambiance and creating cherished memories for all who gather around it.