Royal Tara Welsh Cups and Tea Set

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■ Set contains: 1 Welsh dragon mug, 1 daffodil mug, 1 pack of 50 tea bags
■ Mugs made of 100% bone china, with a capacity of 325 ml/14 oz
■ Reusable tin made of high-quality metal
■ Charming design that encapsulates Welsh heritage in an authentic manner, through symbols such as the red dragon, daffodil, and Celtic knots


Enjoy a moment of relaxation and cherish your Welsh roots with our Royal Tara Welsh Cups and Tea Set! The set includes 1 Welsh dragon mug, 1 daffodil mug, and 1 pack of 50 tea bags. Each mug holds a capacity of 325 ml/14 ounces of liquid and is made of 100% fine bone china, which guarantees to preserve the products’ brand new condition even after years of usage. The ceramic has high temperature preserving properties, which means you’ll get to enjoy your tea hot for a long time. The teabags are packed in a reusable tin, of high-quality metal, meant to keep their smell and flavour fresh. Picked with care, the tea blend has a rich, strong, and refreshing taste. According to the intensity desired, it can be infused in hot water for 3-5 minutes. The design is projected to be fully Welsh and to encapsulate history and heritage in an authentic manner. The symbolism of the illustrations captures elements of culture, such as the red, Welsh dragon and the daffodil, the national flower of Wales. The illustrations are enriched through details, such as subtle Celtic knots, representing the Holy Trinity.