Assorted Scottish Bauble Set of 4

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■ Set of four baubles, each featuring a unique element of Scottish culture 
■ Includes designs of a Scottish thistle, Celtic cross, bagpipe, and lion rampant 
■ Scottish baubles with dimensions of approximately 3” in diameter 
■ Made with papier mache and packaged in separate, colorful boxes for gifting 


The Assorted Scottish Bauble Set of 4 is the perfect gift to decorate your Christmas tree this holiday season. The set contains four baubles, each with an illustration that captures a different element of Scottish culture: the Scottish thistle (national flower of Scotland), Celtic cross (connection to faith), bagpipe (classic Scottish instrument) and red dragon (emblem of royalty). Each bauble is approx. 3” in diameter and comes in a separate, colorful box. This Christmas, spend quality time with your family, showcase your Scottish heritage and brighten up your holiday tree with these beautiful baubles.