Set of 16 Ireland Baubles Christmas Tree Ornaments

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■ 4 boxes, each containing 4 Irish Christmas Baubles crafted from long-lasting fiberglass and hand-painted

■ Design featuring Celtic and Irish symbols showcasing cultural identity and a sense of authenticity

■ Measuring 3” in diameter, each decoration comes with an ivory satin ribbon for easy hanging

■ A culturally-inspired Irish gift complimented in colorful lidded boxes, made in Ireland by Royal Tara


Get ready to decorate your Christmas tree with our Ireland Premium Christmas Tree Ornaments Decoration Set , a great way to add cultural significance and a dose of Irish essence to your home. Our baubles are made from high-quality fiberglass, which guarantees long-lasting durability. This set is manufactured with Irish pride and Celtic heritage, with the joy of the winter holidays in mind. The design is meant to encapsulate Celtic and Irish iconic symbols in the most authentic manner from the colors used to the motifs depicted on each bauble.The traditional Irish shamrock represents the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, being related to Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The Claddagh symbol features the hands signifying friendship, and the heart expressing love, all topped with a crown that stands for loyalty. A heraldic symbol of Ireland, the harp represents the sovereignty of Ireland in early Irish mythology. The Celtic Cross is not only a beautiful representation of faith, but it is also a true reflection of the hope the Celts had. Similarly, it represents knowledge, strength, compassion, and infinite love. The word “Ireland” is delicately painted in a traditional medieval script style. These symbols are surrounded by intricate Celtic knots and swirls, that symbolize the interconnectedness of everything in the universe and the eternal nature of life. Each of our ornaments measures 3” in diameter and includes an ivory satin ribbon for easy hanging on your tree. From Ireland, by Royal Tara Company, these ornaments are meticulously hand-painted with touches of yellow, red, blue, and green. Surprise a loved one with this set of 16 eye-catching baubles, in presentation boxes-they will remember it for many years to come.