Royal Tara Hanging Stained Glass Scottish Thistle

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■ With a colorful Scottish Thistle design on a field of blue and purple
■ Handcrafted from high-quality stained glass, hand-dyed for perfect translucency
■ Scottish wall hang shaped in the classic Gothic window style with a pointed arch
■ Measures approximately 7.8 H x 3.7 W inches and comes with a hanging hook

Our Royal Tara Hanging Stained Glass Scottish Thistle makes a thoughtful and beautiful gift, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Scotland. This stunning Gothic window panel features a vibrant Scottish Thistle design set against a serene backdrop of blue and purple. The thistle, Scotland's national flower, has symbolized the country's strength and resilience since the early Middle Ages. The intricate design captures the essence of this emblematic flower, bringing a touch of Scottish heritage into your home.

Crafted from high-quality stained glass, each piece is hand-dyed to achieve perfect translucency, allowing sunlight to highlight its detailed textures and rich colors. The gothic window shape, characterized by its pointed arch, is a tribute to the architectural splendor of medieval churches. This design element connects to the historical use of stained glass in illustrating biblical and historical themes in Scottish churches.

Measuring approximately 7.8 inches in height, this window panel is a striking decorative piece that adds elegance to any setting. It includes a hook for easy hanging, making it a versatile addition to your décor.