Sterling Silver Scottish Thistle Necklace with Gemstone

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■ Made with fine sterling silver and attention to detail, this dazzling necklace is crafted to last

■ Beautifully embellished with Emerald glass gemstones for a touch of color

■ Scottish Thistle design, a symbol that tells the story of Scottish bravery and courage

■ The necklace has a dimension of 18’’ in length and 0.74’’ in height, ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions 


Our Scottish necklace brings instant shine! Carefully constructed of the finest sterling silver, this piece of jewelry has exquisite dazzle and high durability, providing lifelong wear due to the fact that it won’t tarnish or rust. Elegant and sophisticated, the necklace is furtherly enhanced by the vividly colored Emerald glass gemstones.


Authentically inspired by Scottish culture, the necklace tells a story of bravery and courage - legends say that a thistle once saved a Scottish army from a surprise Norse attack. It is said that, during a night ambush, a Norsemen stepped on a thistle and cried out in agony, alerting the Scots who defeated them. Since then, the thistle has been regarded as one of the most important Scottish emblems, a symbol of endurance and braveness.


The necklace has a dimension of 18’’, ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions. As a plus, it comes in a beautiful presentation box, making it a great gift idea for your Scottish loved one, or a nice treat for yourself.