Ladies Roll Neck Aran Sweater

Ladies Roll Neck Aran Sweater

Ladies Roll Neck Aran Sweater
Item# SA303
Why We Love This
A cozy rolled neck makes this extra warm for the chilliest days

Available in three lovely colors: white, denim blue, and Connemara green

This authentically Irish sweater features distinctive Aran knit patterns and textures

Product Details

This gorgeous roll neck sweater is knitted from super soft 100% Merino wool, making the textured cable patterns stand out and keeping you super warm and cozy. Traditional Aran basket and cable stitches bring a charming sense of tradition to this look, harkening back to the olden days, when Aran Island fishermen would wear such sweaters while completing their daily work. A thick, roll-neck collar adds a contemporary element to this gorgeous piece, and is perfect for burrowing into when wearing it out and about on cold winter days. This stunning Aran knit sweater comes in a classic cream color. This natural, versatile hue is perfect for pairing with an outfit of any style or color scheme. It is also available in denim blue and Connemara green. Available in sizes S-XXL. Hand wash only is recommended with mild detergent. Lay flat to dry.

Made in Ireland.
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