Irish Shamrock Wool Hat

Irish Shamrock Wool Hat

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Why We Love This
Made of 100% Wool

Iconic Green Shamrock Detailing

Designed with traditional Irish basket Weave

Product Details

  • 100% Merino wool is soft to the touch and ultra-warm creating protection from harsh weather.
  • Classic Aran stitches compose our knit hat with stitches like the cable and cord stitch standing out.
  • Our shamrock knit hat is close fitting and sits snugly upon your head blocking out cold winds.
  • The bottom of our knit cap is rolled into a cuff, creating an extra layer over your ears during the cooler months.
  • A row of green shamrocks encircles the cuff of our merino wool shamrock hat.

  • Stay warm and honor your love of Ireland in our Irish Shamrock Wool Hat. The 100% Merino wool hat pays tribute to two Hibernian icons: the shamrock, the unofficial symbol of the Emerald Isle, and the fisherman sweater, the classic white knit that has become a fashion staple. Natural creamy white cables cover the body of the hat, and green knit shamrocks decorate the brim.

    It doesn’t get much better than merino wool, and our merino wool shamrock hat it top of the line. Our merino wool hat makes the perfect gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself. The incorporation of Irish techniques and styles makes our knit hat a timeless piece with a vintage feel and will remain looking just as good as the first day you wore it for years to come.

    Our merino wool hat is knit in the Aran style of knitting that began in Ireland and has become a commonly used technique for knitwear globally. There’s no denying the lovely patterns that are born from the Aran knitting techniques and the stories that the garments themselves tell. Our Irish wool hats are rich in the culture of Ireland. Among the stitches that can be found on our knit hat is the cable stitch.

    The cable stitch was one of the very first stitches created by the women of the fishing village of Aran. The cable stitches within the pattern are all gathered together to create the top section of our shamrock hat. There are also cord stitches alongside the cable stitches that break up the pattern and add another element for your eyes to look at. Our knit hats a similar to a skull cap in style but are made with a heavyweight knit that gives our hats some bulk.

    The bottom of our knit hat is cuffed showing the ribbed knit under the hat. Neat rows of stitches reveal a series of green shamrocks knit in the cuff of our hat. That extra layer created by the cuff of our hat provides extra protection and warmth in the cold. The hem of our shamrock knit hat is finished with delicate stitches. Where you wear our merino wool shamrock hat you’ll both look and feel good.
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