Ireland Failte Wall Plaque

Ireland Failte Wall Plaque

Item# CL-0070-3
Why We Love This
Hand-painted Traditional Celtic Eagle

Made of Fine Ceramic

Festive and Vibrant Colors

Product Details

  • Our ceramic wall plaque is the perfect size measuring at 7.5” tall and hangs beautifully on the walls in your home.
  • An attached hook on the back of our ceramic plaque allows you to easily hang our wall plaque on your walls.
  • The word fáilte is painted onto the front of our wall plaque and welcomes all who view our wall plaque.
  • A Celtic eagle is painted on the front of our ceramic wall plaque in a mix of red, blue, yellow, and green.
  • A green painted ceramic border frames the interior imagery of our hand-painted ceramic plaque.
Our hand-painted ceramic wall plaque is an interesting and colorful piece of art that you can proudly hang on any wall in your home. The company Royal Tara took classic Irish elements and crafted them into a stunning design that displays the strengths of their wonderful team of artists. Just like the word fáilte on our hand-painted ceramic wall plaque the imagery on our plaque is very welcoming.

Carefully painted with rich colors of blue, red, yellow, and green the shape of a Celtic eagle is formed in an abstract display of body and feathers. Celtic knotwork is wrapped around the elongated neck of the eagle. The eagle’s yellow head and red beak stand out with its detailed white eye with its black pupil stare back at you. While blue wings create a contrast to the yellow tones of our ceramic plague. The Celtic eagle was also thought to be the great messenger between this world and the other world.

Beneath the great Celtic eagle is the word fáilte, the Irish word for welcome. There’s no mistaking the message behind our hand-painted ceramic wall hanging plaque. It is a welcome home to you and it is a welcome to my home for all of the wonderful guests you accept into your space. Our ceramic plaque brings a touch of light to your home with its beautiful line work and lovely colors.

A green border frames the Celtic eagle and the word Fáilte standing out against the cream background of our ceramic plaque. Yellow and green rectangles are placed inside of the green ceramic border and are separated by small red circles. All of the colors within our ceramic hanging wall plaque flow seamlessly together and complement one another. When you come home to see our hand-painted ceramic wall plaque you will feel nothing but joy.
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