Slainte Wood Plaque

Slainte Wood Plaque

Slainte Wood Plaque
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Product Details

  • Our Slainte wood plaque will beautify your home with a little bit of Irish element. It can be displayed virtually anywhere in your house.
  • There are a lot of things you can do with our Irish blessing plaque. It can serve as a welcome sign hanged on your door or as wall art on display in your living room.
  • Celtic symbols enhanced our plaque to embody a strong message of how life and eternity are interconnected.
  • Our Celtic wood plaque can make an excellent gift for anyone fond of Irish's rich history, culture, and traditions.
  • Is your friend going abroad? Or is your brother getting married? Our plaque can make a wonderful send-off gift to wish them luck with full of love.
Add a touch of Ireland to your home with this beautiful custom made Slainte Wood Plaque with a Celtic motif by IslandCraft.

This Irish-made welcome sign, also known as 'Irish blessing plaque' comes with a striking carved word that reads 'Slainte' above two birds facing against each other.

In the Irish language, the word 'Slainte' could either mean “good health or cheers.” No wonder you often hear the word in pubs as friends clink their glasses together in a common Irish toast tradition.

Slainte birds in ancient Celtic art, on the other hand, symbolize the force that connects this world and the afterlife. It represents superiority and liberty. As they soar up, they represent the human soul's liberation.

In Celtic mythology, Slainte birds play a significant role as messengers of the gods and as divine emblems. A lot of images of their deities are depicted with birds on their palms or by their side to emphasize their importance as sacred servants. Some Celtic heroes communicated with the birds to learn secrets from them or to get insights of possible danger ahead. With these things about birds in mind, what could be a better way to send luck full of hearts to our loved ones or friends than this beautiful Celtic wood carved design?

The carving process involved to make this masterpiece possible is known as Intarsia. It is an ancient woodworking technique that makes prized and outlandish woods appear inlaid in one another to create patterns of multiple colors. With this particular item, the featured colors fit together onto a solid surface with dark brown, bronze brown, yellow, and cream. Seven different exotic kinds of wood were used to achieve the stunning Celtic designs. The final product was embellished in a dark brown surface, with the manufacturer's name crafted on the top and its logo on the lower right side.
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