Stained Glass Claddagh Window 12"

Stained Glass Claddagh Window 12"

Item# BOEW019
What Customers Are Saying
Gorgeous piece, I love it a lot! Looks great and has some beautiful colors.

Product Details

  • Our round Claddagh stained glass window panel is the perfect size to hang in any window measuring at 12” around.
  • Two hands, each with a trinity knot, are cut from a khaki colored piece of glass that stands out among the bolder colors.
  • The two hands are holding a heart-shaped piece of stained glass colored in a rich shade of ruby red.
  • A crown of orange and yellow stained glass rests on top of the red heart popping against the green background.
  • The symbols of love, friendship, and loyalty are perfectly captured in our Claddagh stained glass window panel.
Every home requires a bit of love to make it function, and nothing says love in Ireland like the Claddagh. Since its creation by Richard Joyce, the people of Ireland have adopted the symbol to be the representation of eternal love. Like the classic ring design our Claddagh stained glass window panel the two hands holding a crowned heart. The hands of our stained glass window panel is a shade of khaki, with small and large pieces of glass creating the shape. A fine-lined trinity knot can be found at the top of each of the hands with a line right below it creating the illusion of a sleeve.

Held in the hands is a sheet of red stained glass cut into the shape of a heart. Above the heart and connected to the hands is crown made from orange and yellow stained glass, with a yellow circular piece of glass sitting at the top of the crown. Bridging the hands together is an archway of green stained glass with a criss-cross pattern running through it, very reminiscent of the band of a ring. Surrounding the Claddagh ring is sheets of dark green stained glass that forms the overall circle shape of our glass window panel.

A thin chain connects to either side of our round panel allowing you to hang our window panel. All around our window panel measures at 12” and makes a compelling view in your window. Give our window panel as a gift to a newlywed couple, or a couple celebrating their anniversary. Or give it to that someone special in your life to show them how much you care. Anyone who receives our Claddagh window panel will love the message behind this classic Irish symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship.
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