Irish Shamrock Shot Glass

Irish Shamrock Shot Glass

Item# 251
Why We Love This
Adorned with Unique Shamrock Detailing

Featuring the Notorius Ireland Lettering

Convenient and Handy Shot Glass

Product Details

This lovely Irish shot glass features a bevy of shamrocks embossed on the face with classic Celtic lettering spelling out “Ireland” below. Shamrock sprigs are most commonly worn on St. Patrick’s Day to signify Irish heritage or affinity, but you can use this shot glass all year round to remind you of all things Irish.

Shamrocks have long been a symbol of Ireland ever since Saint Patrick used the little clover to teach the pagan Irish about the holy trinity during the middle ages. Since then, the shamrock has been adopted by revolutionaries and politicians alike to indicate Irish allegiance.

Made by the Shamrock Gift Company, based in Dublin for over 40 years.

50ml shot glass.
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