Women's Merino Wool Irish Sweater Vest

Women's Merino Wool Irish Sweater Vest

Women's Merino Wool Irish Sweater Vest
Item# ML153
Why We Love It
Woven with 100% Merino wool, a luxurious material that provides softness, warmth, and durability

Made in Ireland by SAOL, a modern producer of traditional Irish knitwear

The design contains Aran cable stitching, which embodies the ideas of strength and unity

Includes a classy oversized style with a refined V-neck that allows for multiple layering options

We advise hand washing with cold water and air drying on a flat surface

Product Details

Add a touch of culture to your wardrobe with our Women's Merino Wool Irish Sweater Vest. Finely knitted in Ireland using 100% Merino Wool, this refined vest has got all you need - warmth, softness, durability, and drops of Irish heritage! The design features the well-known Aran cable stitching that resembles the ropes used by the fishermen and symbolizes strength, and unity, as well as a wish for good luck at sea. The brave Irish fishermen had to remain strong in order to safely return home to their families. The cable stitch has remained one of the most admired patterns in knitwear both due to its touching symbolism and its unique appearance. Check our full selection of Irish Aran cardigans to find more cable knit cardigans and sweaters. The vest has a stylish oversized design with a V-neck, allowing multiple layering options - whether you wear it with a shirt, or a dress, you will surely catch everyone’s attention! For the best results, it is highly recommended that you hand wash only this piece in cold water and dry it on a flat surface.
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