Pillows for Pointes Xtra Long Gellows® Toe Pillows Shoe Pads for Long Toes and Bunions

Pillows for Pointes Xtra Long Gellows® Toe Pillows Shoe Pads for Long Toes and Bunions

Why We Love This
- Specifically designed for long toes and bunions

-Reversible design: seamless sock on one side, gel layer on the other

-Enhanced protection with long side wings

-Moisture-wicking Cool Max® seamless sock

-Shock-absorbing polymer for cushioning

-Adjustable sizing, fits size 4-1/2 pointe shoes and over

Product Details

Introducing the ultimate solution for long toes and feet with bunions, XTRA LONG GELLOWS® are meticulously designed to provide unparalleled comfort and protection. Crafted with innovation and expertise, these toe pads offer a seamless blend of support and cushioning for dancers of all levels. Curly, the mastermind behind this creation, has ensured every detail caters to the unique needs of extended toes and bunions, making every performance a breeze.

- Tailored for Long Toes and Bunions: Specifically engineered to cater to the needs of individuals with long toes and bunions, providing targeted support and cushioning where it's needed most.

- Reversible Design: Versatile and adaptable, these toe pads offer a reversible design, featuring a seamless sock on one side and a thin layer of gel on the other, allowing for personalized comfort and convenience.

- Enhanced Protection: Equipped with long side wings, these toe pads offer enhanced protection, safeguarding against impacts and shocks to ensure optimal comfort and performance.

- Moisture-Wicking Properties: The uniquely knitted white seamless sock, made of Cool Max®, efficiently wicks away moisture, keeping your feet dry and comfortable throughout your dance sessions.

- Shock-Absorbing Polymer: The specially formulated non-silicone polymer on the other side is designed to absorb shock and impact, providing superior cushioning and support for your feet.

- Adjustable Sizing: Designed to fit size 4-1/2 pointe shoes and above, these toe pads can be easily cut to fit, offering a customized and tailored fit for every dancer.

- Packaging: Each pair comes in a descriptive box, ensuring convenient storage and easy access whenever you need them.

Elevate your dance experience with XTRA LONG GELLOWS®, the ultimate companion for long toes and bunions. Experience unparalleled comfort, support, and performance with every step.
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