Clear Crystal Rhinestone Irish Dance Shoe Buckles

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■ Set of 2 buckles
■ These Irish Dance shoe buckles feature a sharp rectangular base that is not only sophisticated but curved to wonderfully show off the spectacular clear crystal rhinestones.
■ Highlighting each shoe buckle with sparkling white radiance are over 50 clear crystal rhinestones that adorn each buckle all over. Crystal white rhinestones are designed with a silver-toned foil or metal layer at the back that shines through the front of each stone through the intricate stone facets. These facets create over 400 reflective surfaces that create amazing glimmer that will light your shoes up!
■ The crystal clear rhinestones that decorate these buckles boast a gleaming white shine that will make you a true standout at your next Irish dance performance! This magnificent white sparkle is also versatile enough to match and complement shoes and dance ensembles of any color!
■ These shoe buckles are easy to attach to your dancing shoes. Just thread the laces of each shoe through the arm brace located at the back of each buckle.
■ These Clear Crystal Irish Dance Buckles are carefully crafted by the respected brand Antonio Pacelli. Antonio Pacelli has been making amazing Irish dance shoes, socks, pumps and accessories for 40 years and is based in England.

Make your next Irish dance performance a sparkling one by finishing off your look with these Clear Crystal Rhinestone Dance Shoe Buckles! Setting the stage for these beaming buckles is a curved metal rectangular base that creates a distinguished look. Embellishing each buckle from corner to corner are clear crystal rhinestones that emanate an eye-catching white glow.

Rhinestones are named after a river where many of them were discovered, the River Rhine in Austria. With clear rhinestones, the silver-toned foil or metal lining the back of each rhinestone can be seen from the front as light beautifully reflects off of the facets of each stone. Each buckle is decked with over 50 of these crystal stones, which produce over 400 reflective surfaces that yield amazing shine! Available in pairs, these buckles are easy to fasten to each shoe by threading shoe laces through an arm brace found at the back of each buckle. Make your fancy footwork during your Irish dances extra memorable with these Clear Crystal Rhinestone Dance Shoe Buckles!