Colored Irish Dance Shoe Square Buckles

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■ Set of 2 buckles
■ Rectangular Base
Polished and distinguished, these shoe buckles come in a round-cornered, rectangular frame that is slightly curved to fit onto your shoe while showing off a colorful design.
■ Metal Construction
These shoe buckles are crafted from a silver-toned metal, giving them strength and durability that will allow them to last longer than shoe accessories made of other materials.
■ Five Color Choices
At the center of each buckle is a rectangular-shaped, glazed accent that boasts a sleek shine. This accent can be in any of five color choices: green, pink, red, blue, and black.
■ Easy Attachment
These buckles are easy to fasten onto your shoes. Simply thread your shoelaces through the arm brace found at the back of each buckle for securement.
■ Made by Antonio Pacelli
Made with superior quality, these shoe buckles are created by Antonio Pacelli, a respected brand that has been making Irish dance shoes and accessories for over four decades and is based in England.


Bring some timeless, sleek style to your jig shoes with any of these Square Buckles with Coloured Glaze Centres! These buckles are sold in pairs and are available in a range of dashing colors that appear as glazed accents, which add a refined shine along with striking dimension! This buckle itself is made of a bright silver-toned metal, lending it strength, durability, and the ability to last longer than shoe accessories made of other materials. These buckles are designed in the shape of a rectangle with smooth corners, and they are slightly curved so that they easily fit onto your shoes while showing off a bold design. At the center is a rectangular block that can be in any of the five following colors: green, pink, red, blue, and black. All of these color choices contrast vibrantly with the polished, silver-toned borders of the rectangular frame of the buckle, creating a color combination that will catch any eye. These glazed buckles are easy to fasten to your shoes. Simply thread the laces of each shoe through an arm brace located at the back of each buckle. Upgrade your Irish dance looks with some colorful elegance with these chic shoe buckles!