Hullachan Ultra Lite Jig Shoe Irish Dance Hard Shoe

Hullachan Ultra Lite Jig Shoe Irish Dance Hard Shoe

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We are very happy with these Hullachan jig shoes. These are very sturdy and have lasted well so far compared to other shoes!

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UPDATE: We are currently sold out in certain sizes of the Hullachan Jig shoe. The Hullaghan design team is working on some fantastic improvements to the shoe, so unfortunately there will be a delay on restocking any sold out sizes while we make these changes. The new and improved Hullachan Jig shoe should be back on the website soon. We know there are a lot of Hullachan jig shoe fans out there so we will be letting you all know as soon as the new design is available for purchase through our newsletter.

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  • Although designed for dancing, the Hullachan Ultra Lite Jig can be worn all day without suffering any discomfort.
  • The black suede sole is extremely flexible so the owner doesn’t have to spend months breaking a pair.
  • The innovative dual sole allows dancers to choose in terms of impact and comfort.
  • Padded ankle collar helps reduce, if not eliminate, blisters so dancers can focus on their performance rather than the pain on their feet.
  • The patented Concorde Lite heel is lighter than most jig heels in the market today. It also produces a much louder sound on different surfaces.
The Hullachan Ultra Lite Jig Shoes is another worthy addition to Antonio Pacelli’s Hullachan series. Extremely light and equipped with so many little features that will go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

However, the dancers will appreciate all the innovations that the manufacturer has added to the shoes. Although the Hullachan brand is known for durability, flexibility, and the feather-light products, the designers even upgraded the leather uppers to make the shoe look even more professional on stage.

Also, the stitching surrounding the shoe has been reinforced to make the pair even tougher so it can sustain the abuse even when the dancer uses them several hours a day during performances.

As far as Irish, Scottish, and Highland dancing shoes go, the manufacturers—the Gavigan brothers and Craig Coussins—are relatively new in the industry. However, they’ve quickly made a name for themselves for constantly innovating and adopting new technology for optimum performance.

There used to be a time when dancers expect the shoes to last up to nine months before replacement. Quality is equated with longevity. As a result, manufacturers used hard leather, which wasn’t very easy on the feet. Blisters were considered a rite of passage, which shouldn’t be the case.

But professional dancers put too much pressure on their shoes that a four-month period has become an accepted norm.

Take the Hullachan Ultra Lite Jig Shoes, for instance, which feature padded ankle support to eliminate or reduce blisters. The dancer’s feet fit snugly in the soft leather, which makes one think that the pair is customized. Ask any dancer around who’ve tried a pair, and they will readily volunteer that wearing a pair of Hullachan is like second skin fit.

One innovation is the dual insole, which is unique in the market today. The dancer has the option to choose extra absorption or comfort. It’s also color-coded to avoid confusion. The blue layer is designed for comfort. Switch to the yellow one for extra cushion for impact.

The designers used cutting edge technology for the suede sole of the Hullachan Ultra Lite Jig Shoes. It’s extremely flexible that one can bend the entire shoe with the front tip touching the ankle support without causing any damage. Because the shoes quickly adapt to the feet, there’s no need to spend a few days or weeks to break them in. That’s good news for dancers as they won’t miss any of their performances because the shoes are very uncomfortable, if not painful.

Meanwhile, the patented Concorde Lite Heel is 30% lighter compared to similar shoes in the market today. It produces a louder sound compared to the other dancing shoes in the Hullachan series. Antonio Pacelli makes sure that a pair is worth the retail price. And the Hullachan Ultra Lite Jig shoes are not cheap, by the way, as the price ranges from £128.99 to £144.99.

Nevertheless, you can never go wrong by buying a pair of these shoes. It’s a worthy investment, indeed.
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