Rutherford® Cavan Pumps Black Suede Split Sole

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■ Padding on the insole is made of space-age technology, which helps lessen the impact of the dancer’s landing during dance routines.
■ Made from Rutherford Products brand, which in itself is a guarantee of superior quality, performance, and craftsmanship.
■ The round laces are very easy to pull up and tighten. One can adjust the laces to achieve the necessary support during performance.
■ The leather is very supple and stretchable. It’s recommended that dancers order a tighter fit for Cavan Pump because it stretches over time.
■ The Cavan Pump is the first pair of shoes that incorporates our split-sole technology, which provides better toe support when doing the arches.


The Cavan Pump is another product from Rutherford Products, one of the iconic names in the field of Irish Dance. The company spent years in research and development before unveiling this new product, and all that work shows. It started with the Black Suede Split Sole, patented technology of Rutherford Products, which supposedly helps the dancer achieve a higher arch.


A lot of research went into the design of the toe, touted to have optimum support for the dancer. But then again, this is what you can expect from the company. After all, John Rutherford invented the fiberglass heels and tips back in the 70s to give his children the edge in competitive dancing.


That invention became the basis by which all shoe tips are built on this day. Unlike the Corr’s, which is already using the EVA technology for its insole, the Cavan Pump still utilizes the Poron material for the insole. But it doesn’t take away from the quality of the padding. It’s extremely shock resistant.


Not many people know it, but Poron is urethane foam that is being used in the Hubble Telescope to make sure that all gaskets and brackets are properly sealed. That’s space-age technology that you are stepping on. If it can withstand the tremendous pressure of space, it certainly can absorb the impact of your landing even if you jump 10 feet on the air. This pair of Cavan Pumps are specially designed to perform the Reel, a type of dance that follows the 2/4 or 4/4 quick step motion. The Reel is actually a Scottish origin way back in the 16th Century although the tradition was discontinued for a time due to powerful hold of the Presbyterian Church.


The Irish Reel is quite distinct because it’s faster and more intricate. There has been a revival in the interest of Irish Dance with the popularity of the Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. But there’s a lot of tradition behind it, and the dances are performed in various celebrations, as well as to paying homage to the Gods during harvest and helping perk up the laborers toiling in the field.


What you are buying when you order the Cavan Pump is the superior quality and performance that you would expect from Rutherford Products. The company has been in the industry for 40 years, and since then, it has supplied shoes and dancewear for the Lord of the Dance and Riverdance. It’s also the favored brand by some of the best dance schools in Chicago like the Dillon-Gavin, Trinity, Dennehy and Eilish Sullivan, and Mayer.


At just $70, it’s around the mid-range price. But with the quality name like Rutherford Products behind it, buying a pair of Cavan Pump is quite a steal.


Now, if you are reducing what this pair of dancing shoes offer--whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional level--it can be described in three words: comfort and strength.