Book Of Kells Connemara Marble And Copper Finish Rosary Beads

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■  Crafted from durable brass with an antique copper tone, ensuring longevity and an enchanting allure that withstands the test of time
■  Featuring Connemara marble beads, each unique, showcasing the beauty of Ireland's renowned green marble in every piece
■  Full-rosary Irish necklace adorned with a Celtic Cross and a Virgin Mary charm, symbolizing faith and devotion in exquisite detail
■  Presented as a wonderful Irish gift idea, packaged in a luxury box with a Book of Kells story card, perfect for a person of faith


Spirituality intertwines with Irish heritage in our Book of Kells Connemara Marble and Copper Finish Rosary Beads. Crafted with precision and care, this Irish rosary necklace is made from durable brass with an antique tone, exuding timeless allure while promising years of use.


The Connemara marble beads, "Ireland's Gemstones," are a unique testament to the country's natural beauty, each being uniquely patterned and making every rosary a one-of-a-kind piece. The full rosary necklace is adorned with a Celtic Cross pendant and a Virgin Mary charm inspired by the renowned Book of Kells, evoking the profound symbolism of Celtic spirituality and Christian faith.


Packaged in a luxury box with a story card, this rosary is a cherished Irish gift, embodying tradition, spirituality, and the enduring beauty of Connemara marble. You will embrace the sacred journey of prayer with these exquisite rosary beads, a tribute to Ireland's rich cultural heritage and unwavering faith.