Gavin By Fays® Irish Dance Jig Shoes Black

Gavin By Fays® Irish Dance Jig Shoes Black

Item# F-Gavin-BL
Why We Love These
- The Gavin by Fay’s Black shoe is lower cut so it looks neater and tighter without requiring tape.

- It hugs and shows off the arch of the foot.

- It’s easier to break in.

- It allows you to go on your blocks instantly.

- It’s hand-stitched so it’s durable yet flexible.

Product Details

Brand new Irish dancing shoe created in collaboration with Gavin Doherty.

The Gavin by Fay’s shoe is perfect for all ages and all levels of dancer, from beginner to world champion. It blends Fay’s world-renowned quality, durability and craftmanship, with a stylish new look, shape and fit that has been developed with Gavin.

With Gavin by Fay’s, you’ll look better, feel better and dance better!
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