Celtic Slainte Suncatcher

Celtic Slainte Suncatcher

Item# CL-0083-407
Why We Love This
- Crafted with stained glass, a material that ensures long-lasting use

- Features a traditional Irish cheer phrase, set against a background of bright greens and yellows

- “Sláinte” is an Irish saying commonly used as a drinking toast

- Sized at 3.7 by 8 inches, perfect to display in front of a window or a wall

Product Details

Bring a touch of your Irish heritage to your home with our stunning Irish Sláinte Panel. Crafted from high-quality stained glass, this window hanging is not only beautifully detailed but also designed to last for years to come. The carefully chosen material for our Irish Gothic sun catchers also gives the artwork a unique and elegant look that is sure to complement any home decor.

Created to celebrate Irish culture, the panel is stained in an alluring plethora of colors, ranging from moss green, bright yellow and pale blue.This exquisite piece displays the emblematic Irish “Sláinte”, a saying commonly used as a drinking toast.

Other intricate details include the “Good health” lettering, stylized in a classic Celtic font, and a border of striking geometric patterns, as well as distinctively positioned shamrocks in each corner. Thanks to its compact size of 3.7” by 8”, the item can be easily placed on your windows to make the interior gleam with light. The blend of Irish symbols makes this window hanging a subtle yet powerful memento of Ireland. Besides that, it has hooks on it for hanging and comes in a charming gift box for easy storage.
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