Ultra Low Sparkle Poodle Socks Antonio Pacelli

Ultra Low Sparkle Poodle Socks Antonio Pacelli

Why We Love This
Nice short length for professional look

Hint of glistening material to stand out in the stage lights

Product Details

• White Color
These socks will have your feet looking sharp on any stage with their pristine white color. This white color will match with any outfit color or look!
• Sparkle Weave
Your feet will definitely beam on stage with the spectacular sparkle weave in the poodle portion of each sock. This touch of sparkle will glisten under any stage light!
• Ultra-Low Length
Irish dancers who want a contemporary dance look will admire the ultra-low length of these socks. The low length is bold and helps show off your amazing dancer’s legs!
• Machine Washable
These dazzling socks are easy to maintain, as they can be machine washed. This will save you valuable time, especially when you’re on the go!
• Three Sizes
These Ultra Low socks come in three different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. These three size choices can fit a wide range of foot sizes for both men and women!

Size Chart
Small 11 to 1.5 (10 ribs)
Medium 2 to 4.5 (10 ribs)
Large 5+ (12 ribs)

Get ready to dazzle the audience at your next Irish dance performance with more than just your dance moves with these Ultra Low Sparkle Poodle Socks! These socks come in a trendy ultra-low length that is not only a fun, modern take on the traditional Irish dance sock but will also show off your toned dancer’s legs! Though low in length, these socks will not fail to have you stand out in stage with their vibrant white color. This white color not only looks great but will also match with any Irish dance shoe or outfit in the color spectrum. Woven into the poodle part of each sock is a sparkle weave that gives these socks and therefore your dance look a radiant glow. This sparkle weave will shine under any light and bring extra attention to your fancy footwork! Care for these snazzy socks is a breeze; they can be machine washed, saving you time and energy. These socks also come in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. These three size options will fit a variety of dancers, both men and women. Make your next Irish dance concert extra special by adding some shimmer to your look with these Ultra Low Sparkle Poodle Socks!
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