Black Flat Pump / Reel Laces

Black Flat Pump / Reel Laces

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Why We Love These
Perfect long length to fit all shoes

Strong and durable material

Classic black color

Product Details

• Fabric Features
These round pump laces are made with an intricate, delicately woven pattern that shows off fine texture and dimension that can be viewed up close.
• Black Color
These shoe laces come in a classic black color. Black is a versatile shade that will look amazing when paired with outfits and accessories of any color!
• Size
These laces span 184 centimeters, which is approximately 72.44 inches, in length. This size provides generous length for secure pump lacing, which is a must for pumps when you’re performing!
• Replace Worn or Missing Laces
These laces are sold in pairs, so they are great for dancers who need to replace worn, damaged, or missing laces. If only one lace is needed, then the other can be kept as a spare for last-minute replacements!
• Made by Antonio Pacelli
These black round pump laces are made by Antonio Pacelli, a quality brand that has been making Irish dance shoes and accessories for over forty years and is based in England.

Known by several names, including reel shoes, Irish dance soft shoes, Irish dance ghillies, and Irish dancing light shoes, Irish dance pumps are a big part of traditional Irish dancing. Irish dance pumps are particularly wonderful because they are designed with a sleek shape and prominent arch that effortlessly elongates the feet and legs, making even dance newbies look like professionals. Though Irish dance pumps can make any dancer look amazing, what’s even more important are critical components like pump laces, which are what anchor the pumps to your feet, keeping them stable and secure as you dance. Make sure your pumps stay fastened to your feet during long rehearsal and performance days by lacing them up with these Round Pump Laces in Black! These laces are created with an intricate woven pattern with fine texture and dimension. These laces come in a classic black color that will blend seamlessly with black pumps and match any outfit. Measuring 184 centimeters, or about 72.44 inches in length, these laces provide ample length to securely lace your pumps, which is a must when you’re performing at challenging competitions! These black pump laces are sold in pairs, so they are perfect for replacing frayed, damaged, or missing laces. Have your dancing pumps ready for your next performance by wearing them with these round pump laces!
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