Irish Dance Shoes

Irish Dancing Shoes from the Top Dance Shoe Brands

Keily’s Irish Dance offers the largest selection of Irish dance shoes from the most renowned brands on the market. You can find hard shoes also called jig shoes and soft shoes, also called Irish dance ghillies, or dance pumps from Antonio Pacelli, Corr’s Dance Shoes, Rutherford, Fays, and Hullachan. Whether you are looking for beginner or professional-level shoes, we got you covered. Browse our range of Irish dance shoe brands to find the perfect pair and fit.
Irish dance has rigid routines requiring dancers to have good Irish dancing shoes to perform strenuous routines. Stepdance shoes will not only support your stiff torso and precise foot movements but also prevent lower extremity injuries. This footwear is created to provide the flexibility you need while making your feet comfortable during quickstep changes. Keily’s offers both Irish dance hard shoes and soft shoes, so we will surely have something for dancers at all skill levels. 
Our shoes are light on the feet and are designed for dancers who do not want to break in their new pairs of dancing shoes. Our Irish dancing shoes are crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure they are sturdy, durable, and fully functional. They allow you to make toe stands during your first wear and prevent problems that impede your onstage or public performance.

 Constructed with High Quality Materials 

Each of these Irish dancing pumps and jig shoes is constructed with high-quality leather to provide each wearer with the best comfort. The intricate design and meticulous craftsmanship behind these dancing shoes are honed by artisans keen on preserving the Celtic culture and its Irish people’s heritage. Because Irish dance uses tiptoeing movements, these shoes have durable arches to cushion substantial impacts. They are lightweight on the feet, but sturdy enough to provide superior toe support and balancing power.
The only real problem with some manufacturers is the lack of cultural preservation found in the colors of Ireland. The country is not only known for formal dark colors but incorporates the richness and bounty of the Celtic culture. With patented leather colors, a group of dancers can have a more profound sense of Irish pride matching their shoes with their costumes.
Irish dancing pumps made from varying colors, including red, light green, light blue, pink, and deep blue can be used to highlight costume symmetry and create a unified look for your group or solo performance. Aside from color variation, Celtic dancing shoes made from an exclusive arch stitching technology guarantee movement perfection. These types of shoes are designed not only for experienced Irish dancing professionals but also for beginners who are trying to immerse themselves in the rich Celtic culture.
Not only focusing on providing quality material, but these Irish shoes are created with intricate details to make your dances convenient and enjoyable. It prevents toe strains common in Irish dance and avoids injuries caused by the constant stresses of putting pressure on your lower limbs.
Our Irish dance shoes are designed to fit and tightly hug your heels snuggly. Every dancer’s movement feels more secure and impedes the occurrence of shoe blisters and sores because of constant tiptoeing. These dancing shoes do not have seams, which often cause friction irritating the toes. The insoles are made from durable Poron foam to protect the feet from the impact and big shocks of every movement.
These Irish dancing shoes do not just speak of quality make but also have an intrinsic nature of representing the genuine and authentic feel of the Irish culture. They are designed with care and are adequately created to bring comfort and durability for everyday performance practice or use.